Modern learning is a journey that often combines elements of

eLearning, instructor-led training, and/or performance support.


Wherever you are in the process, we can help!

We partner with you to understand your needs and design a solution that will bring your vision to reality—whether

you simply want to add interactivity to an existing PowerPoint presentation,

or build an entire course from the ground up.

We are focused on the learner.  

We distill complex content into concise, clear text, and use evidence-based strategies to provide an engaging, memorable, and effective learning experience. 

To nurture continuous and open communication, we use a combination Agile/ADDIE model—a structured but very flexible development process. We work with you to create a project plan that fits your schedule, with key milestones for review and input.

Our team designs solutions to fit any budget. We take a tiered approach to custom course development, with different options based on the amount of content that needs to be written and the level of interactivity. We will look at your content, explain the factors involved, and suggest approaches that optimize the money you have to spend.



Do you want to build a new eLearning course? Or, update an old eLearning course?


Our team of instructional designers, graphic artists, and developers can help you build a custom eLearning solution. We provide a full suite of course development options—from converting existing materials to designing, writing, and developing a highly interactive course.

No matter what option you choose, our team will review your content and make suggestions to increase comprehension. Then, we will leverage the most effective instructional strategies and technologies to motivate learners and empower them to grow. We will add interactive activities to engage learners, stories and examples that connect them to the content in a realistic way, and authentic practice items to help them recall and retain key information. 

Our solutions are designed to work on the learning platform of your choice. Don’t have one? That’s ok! We have learning management system (LMS) technology solutions that will meet your needs. If you’d like to learn more, let’s talk.



Modern eLearning should be responsive. In other words, it should automatically adjust to fit whatever screen you are viewing it on—desktop, tablet, or smartphone. But there is more to responsive design than screen size. Some types of content are best accessed on-the-go, while other types of content work best in a traditional desktop environment. 

We work with you to identify the primary devices your learners will use. Then, we design responsive and mobile-friendly learning solutions that best fit that environment.



Our designers know how to break longer courses into shorter, more meaningful segments of content. Breaking the content down this way not only works well from a workflow perspective—it also supports how we best learn and retain information.


Our microlearning design approaches allow learners to:

  • Complete the training at their own pace—incrementally, between distractions, and when they are “ready” 

  • Focus on one or two key takeaways at a time, which makes it easier to identify and absorb critical points

  • Process, review and/or apply what they have learned before proceeding to a new topic

  • Access and review information just-in-time if they need a refresher



Do you need a learning solution, but you aren’t sure where to start?

Our designers can perform needs, task and/or content analyses, and then recommend modern and effective learning strategies. Once you have selected an approach, we can suggest the tools you need to get started; or we can help you write content, design templates, and/or build the course materials.



We believe that instructor-led training should be more than a PowerPoint presentation. We work with you to organize a training event that includes hands-on exercises and student-centered presentations that engage learners and help them apply what they have learned.


Our graphic artists develop branded templates and PowerPoint slides that give the session a professional look.



Don’t need a whole course? We design and build targeted solutions that improve the learning experience—custom scenarios, learning games, software simulations, and performance support.


If you need help building courses, our experienced graphic artists and media developers can provide production support.


We also translate courses into different languages for an international audience.

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